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Just a few writing tips…
• Experience is the best writing practice. One whom writes often writes well. Write 10 minutes a day or the equivalent of 10 minutes a day weekly.
• Keep a journal, blog, or collection of your writings.
• Rewrite your own work to practice improving your entries.
• Focus on tasks such as enhancing vocabulary, providing interesting details, creating imagery, and inviting the reader to continue to read.
• Treat the reader as an audience and your writing piece as a conversation or story.
• Choose topics that interest you: hobbies, autobiography, career, favorite people or places, etc.
• Be aware of your word choice. Try to avoid: repetitive patterns, words that do not relate the audience, and short non-descriptive sentences.
• A reader should feel that they can understand your article or piece without having to ask you many questions later (unless your purpose is to have them do so).
• Treat your audience as if you are telling them a story or having a conversation with them. Do not use short and non-descriptive list like writing. This is not to say that simple language can be just as beautiful or fitting but that your audience must feel that you actually care if they will read it or not so make it worth the investment of their time.
• Ask yourself these questions when you read your article:
1. Does my voice show feeling? (Can the audience tell if I am passionate, angry, happy…?)
2. Can the reader create mental images that represent my topic? (taste, color, feel, smell, etc.)
3. Did I include details that allow the reader to connect to the article to them, the world, or to me?

• Write about your favorite person or place.
• Describe your favorite childhood memory.
• Provide an overview of your career and why you choose it.
• Write a micro auto-biography.
• Find an object inside the room or outdoors and describe it in detail to your reader.
• Rewrite your favorite story or fairytale.
• Describe how to complete a task using story form. (Examples: recipe, repair, etc.)
• Complete the prompt. The world thrives______________.
• Complete the prompt. It is most tragic _________________.
• Tell about an item that should have not been invented and why.



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