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Risorse in italiano


I thought I could collect a few useful sites to help learning Italian.
Most of these are fully in Italian, so you need to already know the basics.



Here you can find a few dictionaries, either Italian only or bilingual, and a few more options. Garzanti has also a nice section with a few tools: exercises, answers to common questions etc. Here:
Unfortunately to use Garzanti you need to create an account first (or you can use

Grammar and Italian language:


On the first website you can find a lot of interesting documents about Italian language. A few of these are basics, others I'd say are for people who know Italian already, and want to improve it avoiding even the small mistakes.
"Accademia della Crusca" on the other hand is a society of Italian linguists and philologists, the page I linked is where they answer questions from readers.

Other resources:


The newsgroup it.cultura.linguistica.italiano, dedicated to the Italian language.
A goldmine for anyone interested into this subject.


A few links to free resources to learn Italian. I personally never checked any (but that website is great).

If you have any other websites you would like to suggest, please feel free to add them.





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