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Writing practice 2 - space technology development

Q: Some people think that the government should spend as much money as possible developing space technology for the exploration of the moon and other planets.Other think that this money should be spent solving basic problems of society on earth. Which view do you agree with?

With a rapid development of technology recent years, it seems to be possible to travel or to live in outer-space.However, government have to spend a lot of money on developing technology. Should they keep spending huge money on exploring the universe? In my point of view, the government should spend money on the other ways instead of developing space technology .There are several reasons that why I don’t support the government invest in developing space technology.Technology development would lead to military competition, money could be used on solving more problems of society on earth, and there are still a number of mysterious places in our planet.

First of all, technology is a double-edged sword. No one doubted that technology makes our life more convenient and comfortable. However,it creates some potential problems such as leading to arms race when the government continue spending huge money on developing space technology. More Hi-Tech the government have, the higher reputation they could be built up. There is one kind of symbol of Power who own a rocket or satellite in the space. Back to the Cold War, two Superpowers, the United States and Soviet Union, spent enormous capital on developing military. It would be a vicious cycle of competition if the countries keep expanding their technology.

Secondly,it is better using the capital for solving extant social problems than developing space equipment. As everyone knows, it is a huge investment that building a rocket or space shuttle.Yet the investment could solve more social problems if the government were going to use this capital on giving impetus to the economy,and decreasing poverty and literacy..

Last but not least, there are still a lot of unknown place on earth that we should go to explore such as deep sea and old growth forest. I hope that the government should consider understanding the planet where we are living instead of exploring the unknown universe.

In conclusion,the government should not spend money on developing space technology because it could cause a military competition, at the meanwhile,using the money on solving social problems is more worthy, and there are lots of mysteries place on the earth.




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