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There are several reasons why learning a new language should not be the only way for employees to develop themselves. First of all, the employees who want to improve themselves should be experienced because employers prefer people who know the business. Furthermore willing employees be able to improve themselves easily. If workers have experians their work might be quality.
Second significant reason is that characters of employees are important to develop themselves. For example, if they have self confidence they become more sociable in business life. Besides, honest employee is more advantageus for employer. If employess have good character, they do not need second languauge because people who have goo charcter, already develop themselves. As well as being cheerful is attrective for everyone.
The final reason is that, creative people may be succesfull in business life. For instance, they can find solutions easily in a crises moment at work, because they creative and pratic. For this reason they get approved by their employers. In fact creative and pratic people do the tasks, which is given to them, faster and gains more time to them to improve themselves.
As a conclusion, it is not enough to know English for improving yourself in business life. At this station a person's chracter and culture also play a big role.




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