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hmmm where to start , well now a days I am free so I start reading about astrology (which I was against of ) though it is very intresting to read about how a person's personality can be , then I start learning about astrology planets and how a person can be with different colours for example my sun s Virgo moon is Capricon is and rising is pieces so Virgo people are deep , critical , worried though the moon in capricon is not to share things , keep there emotions checked and very challenging and strong though my rising is pieces which is addicted to religion or if not religion then Drugs over eating day dreamers ..... vice versa it teaches or my assumption is that person's personality is very difficult to understand and it is based on there thinking manner . I mostly listen to arguments about; that every child adopt or in heritage have his parents personality which shows truth to some extend but I can not agree with this point fully , I also disagree judging on person based on society do's and dont's somehow we do look like society puppets but inside another world is running , it is astonishing when we think about infinity in human (deeply) so think about how astonishing it whould be when every single man has individual world going , for me it is intresting to know and see people innerself and creativity somehow you can call it curiosity of knowing new but for me it is seeing wanderer and explorer of new things . I pretty much tried to reveal my Ideas but I feel the absence of flow in revealing ( my critical view to me :) ) Please do share your ideas and tell me what you think about it looking forward for your ideas :)




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