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1.It takes more upkeep,burns more fuel and is show off the starting line because it depends on learning--an gradual process--instead of instinct.此处的从句修饰的词语?破折号连接的内容有没有什么特殊的用法?
2.They would try to decide what intelligence is really for?not merely how much of it there is?how much 在此处的用法?
3.We reach for them mindlessly,seting our brains on auto-pilot and relaxing into the unconscious comfort of familiar routing.帮忙分析一下这个句子。
4.In fact,the more new things we try--the more we step outside our comfort zone--the more inherently creative we become,both in the workplace and in our personal lives.句子分析,三个more 同时使用,就不知道这个句子怎么分析了。
5.Instead ,the new habits we deliberately press into ourselves create parallel pathways that can bypass those old roads.句子分析,两个从句的作用,各修饰哪部分内容。
6.Knowing what you're good at and doing even more of it creates excellence.enen more of it 的用法,发现比较级的运用很灵活,稍微复杂一点的就不知道怎么翻译。
7.It is a wise father that knows his own child.翻译是“父贤知其子”,但是我第一次翻译的时候以为是“一个知道自己孩子的父亲是聪明的”,为什么会出现这种差异?
8.Critics also argue that commercial genetic testing is only as goog as the reference collections to which a sample is compared。句子分析。尤其是从句的使用。
9.We are even farther removed from the unfocused newspaper reviews published in England between the turn of the 20th century and the eve of Word War II,at a time when newspraint was dirt-cheap and stylish arts criticms was considered and ornament to the publications in which it appeared.句子分析,尤其是“at a time ”在此句中的作用和成分。





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