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Tagalog 101:The Difference of IKAW and KA

I will attempt to explain the differences of the two for the benefit of learners

IKAW, KA- You [ Personal Pronouns]
Singular form

Usage of IKAW
-Only in the beginning of a question or sentence

Ikaw si Mark./ You are Mark.
Ikaw ba si Mark?/ Are you Mark?

Note: the word “ba” makes a sentence into a question form and expects a yes or no response.

Usage of KA
-Replaces the word Ikaw which is place either inside or at the last part of a question or sentence

Si Mark ka./ You are Mark.
Si Mark ka ba?/ Are you Mark?

It is up to you what you will use . As far as I know,
"Ikaw si Mark" and " Si Mark ka" are grammatically correct.

Again, professional corrections are very welcome.

The sentences and questions below are for Tagalog learners/beginners:[Please don't spoil the answers Pinoys]

Let’s try your understanding : do this on your own:
Check the following if you think something is wrong

1. Si Diana ikaw.
2. Dan si ikaw.
3. Ka si Paul.
4. Sino ikaw?
5. Ka sino?




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