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Questions about Serbian grammar

Guys, i need your help! I can't understand some grammar rules, which are not similar with Russian, Chinese and English.
1) Plural forms of nouns. How do you form it? Look: drvo-drveće, novčanik- novčanici, žena-žene, tašna- tašne. Have you got some rules about it, or i'd better just learn by heart these forms?
2) The verb "to be". Why do we say "To je cveće", but " To su zgrade". When we use je and when su? Cveće and zgrade both are plural inanimate nouns, why the verb is in different forms?
3) Haven't you got short answers? I mean, in Russian we have, and i create sentences in the same way, but it is wrong. Look: "To nije zgrada, to je kuča." Is it mistake to say "To nije zgrada, je kuča", and if it is, how shall i form short answer?




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