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语法书: The Elements of Style

如果你们想一流个英文语法,我认为你们要看呢个书叫 The Elements of Style。我是大学到阅这书。好了,我怕我讲的书太多了。每一天说说说,但我自己又好多用和有时我看一下个书在给这里写修改。但不重要!好心学好的了。 加油!我自己写又不 在100%.




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    语法书: The Elements of Style

    如果你们想学习一流英文语法,我认为你们要看(it is best to use "呢”in the end of a sentence when you write in chinese.If you talk to others ,it is ok)书叫 The Elements of Style。我是大学书。好了,我怕我讲的书太多了。每一天说说我自己好多用有时我看一下,然后在给这里写修改。但不重要!心学好(using“的”in the end of a  sentence should be careful,because it is difficult to use it right.So it's better to cut it off)就好了。 加油!我自己写又不在乎一定要100%.

    thank your recommendation.I am searching for a book to help me learn more about English gammar these days.But if the book The Elements of Style writing in English,it will be a bit difficult for me to understand it.

    语法书: The Elements of Style

    如果你们想学习一流英文语法,我认为你们要看这个书,叫 The Elements of Style。我是大学阅读到这书。好了,我怕我讲的书太多了。每一天说说说,但我自己又好多并且有时我看一下个书,在给这里写修改。但不重要!好心学好的了。 加油!我自己写又不是100%准确(?).

  attention 2 usage of "个',it seems that you mistake it for another character“的”

    2.the order of the composition needs improving.

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