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Exchange Students

I have said in some of my previous notebook entries that Korean exchange students will come to our school. They just did last Monday. They were all boys and around 16-18 years old. There were around 12-15 students. Their principal came with them and an interpreter. They are all from DongIncheon High School which is an all-boys school. I was disappointed after I heard that the exchange students were all guys. That Monday, we spent the whole morning for a welcome program for them. I wasn't able to talk to them nor had a closer look at them. I could rarely see them around the campus.

Last Thursday evening, there was a farewell party for the exchange students. That was fast. Time goes by really fast. I wonder if they enjoyed their stay in Cebu.

By June(I'm not sure if it's really June but our school starts in June and ends in March), it will be our turn to visit Korea. I hope the students that will be sent to Korea will have an amazing experience there.




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