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あっ そうです、今日全部の試験はもう受けてしまいました!本当の休みです!
不意に、.ppt のファイルがエラーだった!全然開けなかった!運良く、みんなは言わなければならないことを覚えた。そのうえで、ファイルが開けれなかったけどすべてが覚えたから、私たちはジュリーにしょうさんをもらいました!すごく幸せ!

それで、今日から本当の休みです!したいことがたくさんあります、日本語も勉強したい。 :D



just now, my mom's back was in pain, so i gave her some massage. my fingers are kind of tired… maybe now the one with muscular pain are my fingers, ahaha

oh that's right, today i've finished taking all of the exams! it's real holiday!
i only studied a little for today's test, but it wasn't that hard. i don't know how the score will come out, though, hehe.

there is an event on my campus on 19th January. Because my major is Business, each group have to show their business in that event.
our business is about teddy bear. 1 day before the event, we have to prepare our stand. our stand preparation started at 5 pm until 1 am! thank god i slept at my friend's house. i slept at 3 am, and woke up at 5 am. then we went to our campus again.
in the afternoon, we have to present our product in front of the jury.
unexpectedly, there was an error in the .ppt file! we couldn't open it at all! luckily, everybody has memorized what they have to say. moreover, because the file couldn't be opened and we remember everything, the jury praised us! i'm really happy!

so that's why, it's a real holiday from today! i have a lot of things i want to do, including studying japanese :D

please correct the mistakes,
and if it's because it was not formal enough (improper), please change the color.




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