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How can I/you learn any Language (Bengali & English) easily ? some tips for every one.

If any one want to learn any thing, like language. What is not his/her first (mother) language? Don’t think much of it. Give up HOW/Where/ WHO. And just start. But what you start? Okay then follow some tips what i think and do.
1. Try to know their people (Country).
2. Know their culture.
3. Know their customs.
4. Past history of the country/ society / Language.
5. Their major / big festival (General or Religion).
6. Environment, weather.
7. Try to know their most popular story/ gossips. What they believe?
8. People are modern/ or not, Congested minded or broad mind.
9. Very very important things that learn and know their Word’s (Vocabulary). Try to gather/collect Word’s and learn As much As possible.
10. After learn and under stand their vocabulary, then try to learn how they use it. This is called grammatical rule..
11. Best way is speak with people who are native.
12. Give up shy and hesitation. Try to.
13. try read their book, poem, novel & story.
14. Finally I have say more you read more you learn. And speak and try to speak
One time you surprised that you learn the language. What language you want to learn.
I thanks and salute These web sites give the best opportunity to the peoples, and the student who want to learn any language.




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