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Men and Women, Masculinity and Femininity

To me, hegemonic masculinity is a concept of structure that a certain type of men dominating over its counterpart women and other subordinated masculinities in all known human societies. The values and norms of hegemonic masculinity cultivate, control and limit what men and women should do and what they should not do, and exaggerate the differences between and reinforce the inequality among men and women in every aspect of daily life. Those men who failed to achieve and perform the standard and codes of hegemonic masculinity are being subordinated to the men who have had achieved them. Therefore they felled into the category of subordinated masculinity.
In practical scenario, hegemonic masculinity is the primary source of the powerful ideal that a man should be powerful, active, self-expressive, well-built, well-educated, the head of his family, fulfilled with energy and strength, and interested in cars, competitive sports and politics, and act manly in all the social institutions: workplace, school, family, and so on. A good example of hegemonic masculinity could be David Beckham, a famous soccer star in the world. He is handsome, rich, strong and fit. Another example from mass media could James Bond, a British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming. Not only is he handsome and fit, but he is highly skilled and military trained. In all the series 007 movies, James Bond has always saved the weak and women from crises.
On the other hand, Sheldon and Lenard from the TV drama series “The Big Bang Theory” are the two excellent examples of subordinated men. In this drama, Sheldon and Lenard are definitely failed to fit in the category of the “standarded” masculinity. They are not handsome, they do not have that well-built bodies, and they are nerds, (although they have extremely high IQ). Some men, who met the criteria of hegemonic masculinity, treat them rudely. Most importantly, a lot of time, Sheldon and Lenard submit to their neighbor, Penny, a woman who has less salary and is less educated than them.




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