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Please help me to write caption and tooltips for my presentation

My presentation -

Tooltips in video.
Step 1. Listening.
Start development of skills.
First you will be learning to hear.
If you will have problems, you will be able start "brocken record" regime for listening current big or small fragments.
And you will be able move between fragments - to the previous fragment or to the next fragment.
You will must listening track again and again, while you will started make out separate words and sounds.

Step 2. Reading.
After listening you will be able start the reading.
In this stage you will read the text and listen to the relevant hyperaudio.
You will be able hide the panel if you want focus on the content.

Step 3. Pronouncing.
In the third step, you will learn to speak what you listened.
You will need to imitate as closely as possible speakers.
You will be able listening difficult fragment.

This work should be done with a 25-30 dialogues.
Start with us, and you will succeed !!!

Caption to the video.
Skill Up Your Language
The Skill Up Your Language is new system for learn foreign language where doesn't need learn by heart words and perform exercises. This application uses the method like on natural way to study of the native language for the childrens. The technique consists in the development of this skills: perception of foreign language listening, reading and pronunciation.
In video you can watch how this work in action.
After studying this course you can begin read books, watch video and listening podcasts in their original language. Later, when the vocabulary is sufficiently you can begin speak with native speakers.

All who will help me, I promise make free account in my application.




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