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I want to learn english

Have a little time.I don't have learn english.because i need study now. I want to once again learn help me in italki forigner friend.thank u so much!



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    I want to learn english

    I have a little time. I don't have learn english. Because I needed to study driving before so I haven't studied English for a now, I want to once again learn English (or you can say I want to learn it again). So help me, in italki foreigner friend(or simply "friend"). Thank you so much!


    Good job. Keep it up Twinkle! God bless you!

    I want to learn english

    I Have  little time.I don't have learned English because I needed to study driving, so, but now. I want  to learn English once again. so help me in italki foreigner friend. Thank u very much!

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