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My crazy mind

Sometimes I find myself completely dominated by crazy wills. Will flee to far away without even looking back. I venture through the world and know every city and its amazing people. Sometimes I want to scream out loud and break everything that I see ahead, but am soon dominated by an eternal gratitude for the good life I have. Sometimes I feel like I shrink a little corner of the world and stay there for days, just listening to the sounds that nature makes. Sometimes I find myself longing that old feeling of the first kiss, first love, the first novel. That anxiety full of butterflies in the stomach that today no longer exists.

I miss the naivete of a child and all the moments that made my parents proud. I miss the smell that used to have my afternoons, smell of warmth and peace. I want back all the friends I've lost along the way and safe to me not in the house by asking each of them a warm hug. I want to apologize to everyone I hurt, I'm not the type who forgets insensitive errors. I remember each person who disappointed and I feel horrible for not being able to prove that I regret it.

Sometimes I want to embrace all people of the street and tell them how much they matter to the world. As also often feel helpless for not being able to take the largest possible number of abandoned animals. I am passionate about older people and I want to kiss all that meeting even do not know them. I think the affection that a person has with his family one of the most charming things to see as well as I fall easy for people humble and realize desapaixono when any sign of arrogance. I miss people simple, good-hearted, do not hesitate to give a real smile.

I want to walk barefoot and throw out all those clothes pushed by fashion. Being free without any concern. Sleeping under a tree and bathe under a waterfall. At the end of the day maybe watch a sunset and listen to music .. Desires are so strong, I look like a crazy person. But I heard that the best people are.

I want to sing my favorite song blaring in the street and have the dream of flying above cities lit. I like strong hugs and hot drinks. My best memories are the smiles that make your belly hurt and tears so abundant that made me born again. I fear tomorrow and because of this exaggeration in today. I'm intense like my emotions, I am uncertain as my wishes.

I wish sometimes, just sometimes, love until it hurts, cry it out, not smiling even endure and live happily without care. But there is still hope.




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