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In 2012 I graduated from high school in foshan which is a big city next to GuangZhou.Now is a freshman in college,learning computer science(it has serveral diffrent majors) which attracted me a lot from childhood.I'm fond of music, learnt violin and piano from childhood.extracurricular piano player.

My school life was a bit normal but i don't wanna admit that fact.
Except basketball,soccer,or other sports, music, and computer,
one thing impresses me a lot is Japanese cartoon,or you call anime anyway.I thought my persernality as "热血派“, but I was confused why the school‘s mental test tells me that I'm a middle type man.I'm also graduated from "中二病”,which is embarressing and a little funny.
I never learned japanese before, but now I get interested with it, because the similarity of calture between china and japanese in asia, I can speak a little simple japanese which is learnt from anime. And now I'm in winter vocation, starting new term in March.Now I have spare time.




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    a bit about myself

    In 2012, I graduated from high school in Foshan, which is a big city next to Guangzhou. Now I am is a freshman in college; I am learning computer science (it has several different majors) [What has several different majors? Your college?] which has strongly fascinated attracted me since a lot from childhood. I'm fond of music, and I have learned the violin and how to play the piano since from childhood (or "since I was a child"). Extracurricular piano player. Playing the piano was an extracurricualar activity for me.

    My school life was a bit normal, but I don't want to admit that fact.
    Besides Except basketball, soccer, or and other sports, I enjoy music, and computer (science?).

    ne thing that impresses me a lot is Japanese cartoons, or what some may you call "anime" anyway. I thought my personality was as "热血派 (Renegade?)*", but I was confused as to why the school's mental test told tells me that I'm just (average?) a middle type man. I'm also graduated from "中二病"(being an immature adolescent?)*[Not sure how to translate this.], which is embarrassing and a little funny.
    I have never learned Japanese before, but now I am get interested in with it, because of the similarities of culture between China and Japanese culture in Asia. I can speak a little simple Japanese, which I is learned from watching anime. And Now I'm on winter vacation, and have some spare time. I will be starting new term in March. Now I have spare time.

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