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It is essential that the nations of the world increase spending on the building of space?

It is undeniable that space science developing is the decided measure in duty of nations which are not only development countries but also underdevelopment countries. In my point of view, building up the space stations which was egged on by space researching companies , is unnecessary.

First of all, space programs need a huge budget which was raised by tax earning. Once, any rockets or sattlies have put into space, we are undergoing the risk because it cost an arm and a leg to fix or bring them back to the earth whenever it is damaged.

Secondly, it is justifiable that money spent on space programs would improve the lives of people on the earth more than money spent on other areas project , such as, poverty project, which directly affect the wellbeing of human. But there is no evidence that space programs can benefit people greater than healthy care or education service.

Admittedly, the space programs make our life colourfull by disclose massive information about other planets or UFO. Yet, it is the wrong belief in virtually unforseen good results, particularly when investing the same money in social projects that certainly produce substantial benefits.

Last but not least, if government spending less money on indeed projects to carrying forward space prgrams, both of these projects are going to bankrupt inadvance because the more developing space programs is, the more spending the government is
Therefore, it is not essential to boosting space program’s fund, or sacrifice other programs on its behalf.




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