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What makes your heart sing?

We all think about finding our passion in life, like it is something out there waiting for us to catch or discover, when really it is inside us, it always has been, it is whatever makes your heart sing. Think of all the moments in your life that brought you so much joy and excitement that you could literally hear and feel the tone of your heart throughout your entire body. That is your heart singing, guiding you towards your calling, towards everything you were meant to be in this world.

We can all hear our heart when it sings, but sometimes our mind gets in the way and questions the melody or tries to lower the volume. When that happens crank up the volume and drown out any doubt you may have, because when you listen and follow your hearts beat, the people around you can see it. They see it in the way you carry yourself, the way you smile, and the way you embrace the natural talents you have been blessed with to lead the life you choose.

If you are going to follow anything in your life follow your hearts calling, for in it lies personal fulfillment and ultimate happiness. It is a journey you owe to yourself.




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