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Tree in Winter


I titled this 'Tree in Winter' because I'm going to show you a picture I took yesterday. I live in a few hours east of Chicago. I wish I could tell you how beautiful it was here yesterday. There was just a little snow, but the temperature here was so, so cold -- about negative 14 degree Celcius. We use Fahrenheit here and it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

I love the crunching sound when I walk on the snow when the temperature is so cold. The very cold weather changes the snow a little where I live. The snow is better when it's this cold and not so slushy. The snow here normally is a little slushier than snow in Colorado, because it's more humid here. Colorado has a dryer climate. I like Colorado snow better than mid-west snow.

Anyway, here is the tree. I took the picture while looking up at the sky. It was such a clear, crispy day.




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