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Today, worldwide is full of people whose behavior is determined by some aim. This situation has to make us reflect about the causes that have determinate it. As we know, our society has steady been evolving and today’s reality is more different than reality of thirty years ago. This deep change has been leading us to change also the values at the base of this society. At first despite each positive goal, nowadays all is based on money. Consequently, to earn becomes the main aim that can be reached with every means and at any price. Making our own interests is the most important thing. The bigger problem is that this principle is also followed in each aspect of our life. For this reason we are living an age domained by convenience, a concept closely tied to that of appearance. What is important is to appear beautiful, kind, available only in order to reach a certain purpose. Unfortunately, by now, this way of thinking is part of our culture and very few people remain faithful to the true values. The values of our grandparents’ age when what you had was enough and man wasn’t so selfish as now.




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