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A chinese girl who can speak chinese,english and arabic

Hey guys,i just wanna learn another language.i can speak chinese,english and arabic.hmm..u can call me Leena,this is my arabic for the interets,i love music,like avril,linkinpark,simple plan,greenday and so if u gonna to learn chinese or arabic,i'd like to have a language changing of u.u teach me urdu or pashto or sabra.thank u for help me.:)




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    A Chinese girl who can speak Chinese, English and Arabic.

    Hey guys, I just want to learn another language. I can speak Chinese, English and Arabic. Hmm.. you can call me Leena, this is my Arabic name. Hmm. As for the interets, I love music, like Avril, Linkinpark, Simple plan, Greenday and so on. So, if you want to learn Chinese or Arabic, I'd like to have a language exchange with you. You can teach me Urdu or Pashto or Sabra. Thank you for helping me. :)

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