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explanation notes: though, although, even though.

Sanny asked me this recently and I thought a good question and worth sharing.

Though, although, even though. Though and although are almost the same, and used in the same context. "Even though" is used to contrast the statement and is a stronger version of "though".

pronunciation. though => tho, although => awl - tho.

Even though can be used at the start, or in the middle of two opposite ideas. When used at the start, put a comma between the two ideas.

Even though we had no power during the typhoon, I was still quite safe. ("even though", contrasts the *expected* result,)
I was able to complete the design document, even though I was interrupted constantly.

Though and although. General rule: Use although at the start of sentence, though in the middle (this is not a 100% rule)

Although I was upset by her behaviour, I tried not to think about it.
I was upset, though I tried not to show it.
I was upset, even though I tried not to show it. (this shows a stronger feeling than just using though by itself)

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