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i am high 3 now, after july 7th ,8th,i am going to leave here.leave the place where i have lived almost two decades.actually i do not want to be so far away from here ,i must study hard to gain an ideal grades.out my windows stand three ginkgoes,two have friuts,their leaves are like is spring now,but no leaf, even one.but when i leave,they will have,may be they will also have friuts,which are little and white.these little things used to drop and hit my head when i went out,i turned around at once and took a shower,you cannot imagine the smell,i won't forget it in my whole life,but i saw a man eating it 7 years ago,his face,,,,!my hometown are full with historical sites,perhaps there are some places i haven't been.what maks me very sad is that i leave here means i growing up.i must face something i do not like.




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