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About me (written in Chinese (traditional characters))






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    About me (written in Chinese (traditional characters))



    Good job!Keep up the good work!=)

    About me (written in Chinese (traditional characters))


    我有勇氣找一個非常好語言伙伴。 如果妳厲害,中文行的話,又有耐心,同時也要學會英文, 就傳 (fetch)我吧! 我很快搬家去武漢工作在楓葉學校--心情非常興奮!
    我想完成漢語視頻考試, 不知你們可以幫助我嗎? 非常感謝你們的熱心和耐心! =D 謝謝!

    Hello everyone!
    I have the courage to find a very good language partner. ! If you badly, Chinese line, then another patient, but also to learn English, to pass (fetch) me, I quickly moved to Wuhan to work at Maple Leaf School - the mood is very excited!
    I would like to complete the Chinese video test, I wonder if you can help me? Thank you very much zeal and patience! = D Thank you!


    我有勇气找一个非常好语言伙伴。如果妳厉害,中文行的话,又有耐心,同时也要学会英文, 就传(fetch)我吧! 我很快搬家去武汉工作在枫叶学校--心情非常兴奋!
    我想完成汉语视频考试, 不知你们可以帮助我吗?非常感谢你们的热心和耐心! =D 谢谢!

    About me (written in Chinese (traditional characters))


    About me (written in Chinese (traditional characters))



    Hi I think this is better!


    when we want to say a series of members or things  we will use "、"between two words in Chinese.

    And between last one and last second one you can use "和"or"以及".its same!


    五"口"人: I think "口" is more formal but "個" is more oral speaking. 


    今年我:its not wrong But it sounds weird! So "我今年" is better!


    And when we talk about "漢字"you don't have to say "中文"because 漢字 is Chinese word so you don't have to say  that , it sounds weird too.


    i hope you can understand my poor English describe!

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