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First notebook entry: Introducing myself

(uhh... I dont really know any Gaelic (Irish) words since I'm a beginner so I guess I'll just type it in english and you (guys) can just help me out :D )

So um, hello again (if you read my info thinggy) I kind of go by ICHIGOXD cause im not sure I wanna say my name well anyway I want to learn Gaelic (Irish) because when I leave my parents home and go abroad (cause im like 14 :D) I really want to move to Ireland cause It's really a breath taking place, the culture is awesome and cause for some weird feeling the folk songs make we warm and happy... weird? hmm.. maybe. So people living in Ireland who are reading this YES I am ENVIOUS of you :D congratulations!

I'm a Filipino who lives in the philippines. I speak filipino but I also speak english (obviously since I'm typing in english XD) so yes im ASIAN :3 ( no racism please :P)

I'm the kind of person who enjoys reading romance or adventure novels, writing stories, doing sports like Taekwondo, Muay thai ( kickboxing from Thailand) Soccer, Swimming, Softball, Volleyball, Running and I do a little basketball, Chilling with my friends and being a teenager I also love food :D

I HATE people who smoke ( if you do and you are reading this lemme just say QUIT I know its addicting but try to control yourself IT KILLS YOU and you can get lung cancer and cancer sucks! Do your research :D) People who are rude and bossy and PEDOS! :3 (If you are one lemme just say you disgust me so STOP :P)

Oh and the only Irish gaelic words I know are the colours (well some) which are Glas, Bubh, Bui, Dearg, Ban, Ban Dearg.... (spelling?) well anyway thats it :D




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