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Differences between human- Tolerance?

I just thought about some ideas , which came into my mind. Today I had to do a geography-presentation with the topic "Tolerance in the European Union, and we mentioned different points of tolerance. So my friend talked about religion and immigrants, and when it was my turn, I said something about tolerance of sexual identity and discrimination of women.
The reaction of my class was surprising me. I thaught, they all were intolerant and discriminatory, but most people were like defending miniorities.
I think that´s a good attitude, because only because humans are different, nobody has the right to diskriminate and leave out other people!
I think the world has to be more tolerant and open for other ways of living than themselves.
If I could, I would set an example for love and tolerance, but I can´t do this. I am just a fifteen years old- girl, and I don´t think, I could ever change the mind of some people out there in the wide world. But maybe I can bring more tolerance in the hearts of the people around me, so they can hand it over to their friends. I believe, that one time the world is full of tolerance and love, and everyone could live like they want to do. With the religion they are parte of, the nationality they like and with the sexual identity they are feeling like.
So, think about it now and let the acceptance come into your mind and your heart...

(I´m sure I made many mistakes, sorry for that :D)




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