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Drone attacks in Pakistan. (Part 1)

A friend of mine asked me to write an entry on drone attacks in Pakistan and its effect in the region. It came up to me as a surprise because I wasn't ready for it and also had some timing issues. I was busy in preparing for my exams lately. So, let’s get started.

First it’s against the sovereignty of the nation and these attacks are also against the resolution of the security council of the United Nations. I would like to talk about its effect in the region. It wouldn't surprise you that it had more of a negative impact rather than positive. I mean it’s obvious. But question arise here is, how? Well, in the next paragraph I will try to put light on this issue.

The first main problems with drone attacks are killing of innocent civilians. If we just talk about Pakistan, drone attacks started since 2004 and as for January 362 strike has been made by the Usa and allied forces and according to (Wikipedia sources) 3,461 people has been killed. Furthermore, 176 children were reportedly killed in those attacks. Only 17 targets were achieved out of 362 strikes. So, one can easily understand that if you will kill an innocent civilian for no reason, they will take revenge for sure. Normally they join “Taliban” organization. I agree on this reaction. I will do anything to protect my family but if someone kills them for no reason, believe me I will go for worse. So, that’s why you guys hear about suicide attacks. Over the years Pakistan’s government has same stance on drone issue that it creating more harm and it has to be stopped.



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