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How to say I love you in Japanese

I love you in Japanese is あなたが好きです.

On Valentine’s day I plan to sing a love song in Japanese and record it!

Last summer I met a wonderful person. He is Japanese and works for a big circus that was in Antwerp, Belgium at the time. I worked temporarily as part of their local crew, so that's how we met.

After performing in Antwerp, the circus moved on and continued their European tour.
I kept in touch with my new friend and visited him in every European city the circus was performing after Antwerp and we had a great time together. He visited me a couple of times as well. We had tons of fun and learned a lot about each others weird habits and completely different cultures. We had more intimate conversations as well, even though we had to do it in a language that we both didn't grow up speaking (well, I kind of grew up with English, but it's not my first language).

These fantastic times are about to come to an end now, as the European tour is almost finished and next up is a one year long tour in South America. So for now, that means goodbye, I guess.
At this point, I'm not sure if we'll see each other again, although we will keep in touch through skype and facebook.
It's a very strange feeling because we have gotten quite close.
It's possible that he will come say goodbye to me next week, before he leaves for Japan and then Brazil, but that's not a certainty. However it turns out, I feel like, even though we grew up and live(d) in very different ways and have very different personalities as well, we're kindred spirits in the sense that we both chose not to follow a cookie-cutter pattern of life. Kindred free spirits.

I want to give him a very personal present and I was thinking of recording a song, dedicated to him. I want to sing it in Japanese. It'll be a double challenge, because I'm insecure about singing and about speaking Japanese as well.
But he has done a lot for me and I would like to say "sank you" and show him how much I like him in an original way.





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