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patterns recognition in italian and spanish

this is a comment i found on a video of one of my favorite german bands. i copied the comment to show the similarities between spanish and english. the best way to learn a language is to recognize the patterns of a language. i am learning spanish and italian as well as others. i know how diffiicult it is to recognize a foreign language. i hope this helps others who want to learn either spanish or italian like me.

e triste e molto solo, no e gay ma forse va con il fratello. ma caspita quanta gente che è pensierosa ho interessata .comunque sara Bill ha decidere sulla sua vita privata

english tranlsations
and sad and very alone, and not gay but maybe go with his brother. heck but how many people that I thoughtfully concerned. however Bill will decide about his private life

spanish tranlsations
y triste y muy solo, y no es gay pero tal vez ir con su hermano. diablos pero ¿cuántas personas que cuidadosamente se trate. Pero Bill decidirá sobre su vida privada




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