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My visit on Rechica Wood working plant. Sadly.

In my country president Lukashenko starts modernization program of national wood working plants. Two days ago I visit Rechica wood working plant for working questions. I look good working manufacture that made 19500 square meters CPD (chipboard) on day. The equipment in good state and may work many years. BUT this equipment from 5 days will be destroy and turn in metal scrap. I ask chief engineer "Why you destroy this nice equipment, which may many years take a real money?" He say "I'm crying, but to do nothing. I many years take care on this manufacture..."
to be continued...



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    My Visit to the Rechica Woodworking Plant. Sadly.

    In my country President Lukashenko has begun a modernization program of national woodworking plants. Two days ago I visited the Rechica Woodworking Plant for work-related questions. I observed good quality manufacturing that produces 19,500 square meters of CPD (chipboard) a (alternative: per) day. The equipment in good condition, and may work for many years. BUT in five days this equipment will be destroyed and turned into scrap metal. I asked the chief engineer, "Why are you destroying good equipment, which could bring in a lot of money over many years?" He replied, "It's enough to make you cry, but there's nothing I can do. I've been in charge of manurfacturing for many years. . . "

    To be continued...


    I'll be interested to read the continuation and find out why the equipment is being mistreated.




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