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Hi everybody!!!! 여러분 안녕하십니가 ^^ Random Talking Time!


I figured I have left this notebook empty too long. However because I am not fluent enough in Korean to write in Korean, I shall write in English. And because I am writing simply for the fun of it, I shall write about random things, starting with my PANDA OBSESSION... ehem, i mean love for pandas. ^^ I recently acquired a lot of panda themed items. Like a panda shirt, (pictured) and a panda hat, (also pictured) and panda socks, panda eraser, panda iPod case, panda wallpaper, panda... I'm sure there was something else. Ah but I forgot to mention my name is Amanda, and to many who don't pronounce the first syllable of my name, Manda. Which rhymes with Panda. Therefore, my longstanding nickname is Panda. Which I love... consequentially. However I do not consider myself obsessed, just infatuated! Peace be with you!! lol Ah and 읽어 감사합니다! :) and if I messed my previous sentence up terribly, 죄송합니다! ^^ Later guys!




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