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why so many people are learning english?

The pupils are learning english from 3 grade, in another word, they are forced to study english for 10 years because they have to take ZhongKao and GaoKao (high school entrance). I see many parents are sending their kids to New Oriental(english training agency) in order to get high scores for entering top university.
Actually after nearly 14 years english learning, I found a secondary language needs a target environment, coz human beings are so forgettable if you don't use it frequently like the the rust of iron in unused way.
The goal for language is communicating and exchanging. Why are you so crazy about the style? (3 years ago, I hate speaking english, coz once I opened my mouth, that you could image a Chinese girl standing in front of you. It's hard for me to imitate native speakers. ) One has his own dialect and voice, hasn't it? I heard our foreign teachers' lessons. One is from nearly London,another is from Austria. Based on our experience we think London's accent is more local and sweet sounding,but it's not right to justify who has better english? We learn it for talking not for imitating. We should create our bold and unique way to say it.




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