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The girl and the treasure.

Maria was a beautiful girl who lived into a big house in front of a big tree; One day, She dreamed about a treasure hidden under that tree. So, in the morning of a brand new day. She got out of the bed and went to the tree, there, she began to dig a hole, She dug and dug until she could find the treasure, but all of what she got was just a deep hole and a huge pile of dirt.
She became really upset about it, so She got back on the bed and started to sleep again, and she dreamed, she dreamed again about the treasure, but she realized that she was doing something wrong. Then she returned to the tree, and dug the hole, overly and overly, until she wasn't able to skip from that hole.
So then, she found the treasure but the hole was so deep, that she couldn't get out of it, So she kept waiting until somebody come over to save her.
But she realized, that she found what she wanted, despite the problems that she could face.




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