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The first day at school

At the last time I had alot of problems with my mom about my studying , so she decided to change my school without my knowing , I felt angry " how she can do it? " "she can study instead of me !" .
Breakfast with her was quiet event , she wished me good luck at school and I thanked her , knowing her hope was wasted , I didn’t want to be early at school but I couldn’t stay at the house anymore , I used to cry when I feel angry but i didn’t cry , just went outside calmly .
I lied to myself feebly , no one was going to bite me , I finally exhaled and continued walking , finding the school wasn't difficult , I get it , the headmistress gave me a slip with her sign and told me to go to the class in the third floor .
I entered the class and showed the teacher aslip , it was math lesson , she looked at it , not an encouraging response , at least she sent me to an empty disk at the back without introducing me to the class , it was harder for my classmate to stare at me in the back .
The first class was finished , there was always someone braver than others who would introduce themselves and ask me questions about how I was liking the school , I tried to be diplomatic , but mostly I just lied alot .
Later ... I facing my pallid reflection in the mirror , I was forced to admit that I was lying to myself , what is my chances here ?! I didn’t relate well to people my age , maybe the truth was that I didn’t relate well to people , even my sister , who I was closer to than anyone else on the planet was never in harmony with me .
I didn’t feel well that day , even after I was done crying , I felt I was strange , alone , and more pale than others , it was abad memory in fact , anyway it was just aday , even the one who I feel comfort by talking together was absent unfortunately completely alone .....




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