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Two tips for being happy

Hey people! Today I'm going to try to write about two tips for being happy. Of course it's just my opinion which you may not agree with. It doesn't matter because my purpose is to practice my writing skills.

1 - Stay with your friends
Don't forget your friends. The best moments of our lives aren't the best because we've been in a special place neither in a special time. What really makes those moments the best ones are the people who we've spent that time with.
As we getting older, new responsibilities are given to us and we need to make choices that changes our lives completely. As a result of these changes, important friends are left behind. Don't lost them, stay in contact with your important friends, even if the distance is against you.

2 - Carpe Diem - Seize every single moment of life
You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. I'm sure you've experienced a moment which you regret because you should've done that but you didn't. Remember, the little things, little decisions, can be the difference between happiness or sadness. So, live intensely.



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