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Socrate was born in Atene in 470 b.C. and died in 399 after being sentenced for impiety. He was son of a scuptor and a midwife.
He didn't found any School nor did he write anything, since he believed that his doctrines would have been only divulged in public places through the speech.
In a first phase, he frequented some physicists, then he had been influenced by Sophistry. He was interested in the question of the mankind and his soul as consciousness. He thought that anyone shouldn't take care of his body but of his soul, because that's man's essence.

"Areté" means "quality" as anything that makes something good and perfect, for example, dog's quality is being a good guardian, instead a vice is ignorance. True values are the ones concerning soul, ie knowledge. Moreover, who sins doesn't do it on purpouse, but because of ignorance of good.
A man has freedom only if he can take his instincts under control and so wise is who doesn't need anything but consciousness.
Happiness means to have a good demon that secures a good luck and an happy life.
Persuasion and reason are man's weapons. If he can't persuade someone using his consciousness, he has to surrender but not to become violent, because violence is empious.
Socrate believed in a clever, invisible God that creates and puts everything in orderand takes care of human beings in general.




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