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Filipino song into English: Magbalik

I was listening to a Filipino radio station the other day and somehow the lyrics are still in my mind. It's from Magbalik by Callalily.

Here's the chorus part:

Tulad ng mundong hindi tumitigil
sa pag-ikot, pag-ibig 'di mapapagod
Tulad ng ilog na hindi tumitigil
sa pag-agos, pag-ibig 'di matatapos

Here's the translation:

Like the world that never stops
turning, love will never get tired
Like a river that never stops
flowing, love will never end

It's a song about a guy who still continues to love even after breaking up.
Cheesy, but the song as a whole sounds nice and slow.

Has anyone (who's learning this language) ever heard this song?




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