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First notebook entry: Introducing myself

Eu vreau sa invat Limba romana =)




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    First notebook entry: Introducing myself

    (Eu) vreau să învăţ Limba română =)


    *In ussual, everyday usage, we don't need to use the personal pronoun "I" (Eu) as a subject, because the subject is deduces from the form of the other words in the sentence. When we use it, we do more to emphasise the meaning of the sentence. Unlike English, Romanian is a syntetical language, which means that the structure of the word changes in its declination/conjugation/whatever, and that gives a deal of details about the words who have to accord with each other, permitting ellipstion. So, in Romanian the subject can be sometimes omitted; we don't use it all the time becase we understand the meaning of the sentence without it, too. In English, the word order stands for this meaning, and the subject is obligatorry, as it is an analytical language.

    First notebook entry: Introducing myself

    Eu vreau să învăţ limba română. =)


    Foarte bine, a-ţi dori să faci un lucru e primul pas în drumul de a reuşi. :)

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