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My chinese food by myself

Last thursday I thought I should try it again and finally I made it. Due to the fact I also now know how to make my pictures smaller in data size so that I can upload them here I can now show you what kind of food I cooked on that day.

It is nothing special so far and of course I cannot contest with the original chinese cuisine but at least it was okay for me.

It is so called Mie-Noodles with some chicken meat and some soja sauce.

It is easy to make. Just wait until the water boils then lower the heat and put the Mie noodles inside so that they get warm but not cook. After that fry them in some oil. At the same time you fry the meat also just with some oil in a second pan.

Luckily all the ingredients I am able to buy in the normal supermarket so I do not have to drive through the whole city to find some asian store which are really rare in Berlin especially here in the eastern part. You can find the Mie noodles in normal packages. The chicken meat was a big sausage I had to cut into small pieces as you can see on the picture.

The only non-chinese dish so far is the soja sauce. They only sell Kikkoman soja sauce in the supermarket. It is very salty if you use too much of it. Is chinese soja sauce also that salty? In chinese restaurants they surely also use soja sauce but there the dishes never taste so salty. But maybe this is because in the chinese restaurants in Berlin they do not cook original chinese food.

Of course I made more then you see on the picture. But it was even so much I was only able to eat at least 95%. Really simple but very delicious. I finally wanted to get rid of all kinds of supermarket food you just need to warm up and then it is finished. I guess I'm on the right way.

As the chinese of you surely know these noodles are very easy to eat with chopsticks. More easy than rice.

I already tried the same stuff with rice but for that I have used real chicken sausages and not such a big sausage which I really cut into pieces. The result was okay but not as good as this one.

But I was really surprised that such an easy food can fill me up so good also. I was really full after finished eating it. Strangely from the chinese restaurants I never had this feeling. Have I done something wrong? I don't think so.

What else could I write about it? I just saw how easy and cheap it can be to cook for yourself. No wonder China can feed 1.3 billion people. Their kitchen just know how to do it although I cannot compare with them at all. o^_^o




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