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I visited an old friend of my family today

I visited an old friend of my family today. I called him Uncle Wang. In fact, he is not my uncle, but one of my father’s classmates from college. Our two families had lost connection for many many years, since he moved out of the town. But we got connected last year.

For some reason, I decided to visit Uncle Wang, although my parents told me that I didn’t need to see him. When my family lived in the countryside and I was still a little girl, Uncle Wang meant a lot to me and my brother. He often visited us during holidays from the countryseat, to us, which were a big city. Every time, he would bring us candies and other foods that we had never seen in the countryside. He always spent time playing with us, and that related to many pleasure times in our childhood. We liked Uncle Wang.

I prepared some gifts for Uncle Wang, drinks, milk, some specialties, and popular ones for this holiday season. It rained this morning, but my trip to his house was smooth. That was a small town, which is about half an hour’s away from the city where I live. When I knocked at his door, no one answered! I was wondering if I was lost or not, until someone from another house came out and confirmed me that he was in the door.




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