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Uncle Wang

His house was among two rows of Bungalows, with shabby naked red bricks built. If you could ever find those poorly built old buildings in any city, it would be listed as the building waiting for pulling down. I was told by his neighbor that I had to push the door and got into the house by myself. Obviously, Uncle Wang was in a poor situation. He hardly moved out of his bedroom and invited me to sit by his bed. The roof of his room seemed like it could collapse at any time. When I sat in the room, I had no sense of safety. Besides, there were not many stuff in the room, a bed, a table and two chairs, and a TV on an old cabinet, in the corner of the room, there was cooking stuff. Even a poor farmer’s house would be nicer than this.

I couldn’t picture why he lives in this extreme poverty image. He has grown-up sons and a wife, but no one was around him at the moment. I was told he had recovered from stomach cancer and he was addicted to alcohol, he might have a bad temper……But I felt so miserable to see him, an old man was abandoned lonely in that shabby, collapsing house. From what I had seen, he was disabling to take good care of himself, although he told me he had some food cooked and left there for him.

When I was on my way back I sent a message to his second son whom I have a number ask him to see his father. But there was no response! I was sad! For whatever Uncle Wang has done with his family, I think they should come and take care of him. I truly believe that forgiveness is a good virtue for our human being. Tonight, my heart went for Uncle Wang, and I wish peace could finally go to the family!




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