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i am not so good at teaching,but i am trying :)
你好(ni hao){hello} :"ni" means "you","hao" means "good,fine,nice" why the "ni + hao"=hello? because " ex + it"=exit XDDok,so my point is any Chinese word get together means different things.
最近好吗?(zuijin haoma?){how are you recently?) "zuijin" means "recently"."haoma?" means "how are(you)?""ma"means question,at the end of sentence.Usually Chinese don't say "how are you(ni hao ma)",At first meet,usually just say hi and what's your name?But if your guys met before,or old friends,then "zuijin haoma?" then answer "hao(good)" or "buhao(not good)" or "yi banban(so so)"
你叫什么名字?(ni jiao shenme mingzi?){what's your name?}"jiao"means "call,yelling""shenme"means "what""mingzi"means"name"
Ok,that's it. Is it fine for people whom just start to learning Chinese?




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