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I think many people in Korea like slender woman.

actually my friend told me you're fat.

so I'm on a diet. I go fitness club every day.

but...... It's too hard for me 으으으



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    I think many people in Korea likeslender woma[e]n.

    Actually, my friend told me "You're fat.", so I'm on a diet. I go to the fitness club every day, but...... it's too hard for me. 으으으


    Just work a little bit on where you begin new sentences and punctuation. Don't begin sentences with 'so' or 'but'. Instead, use a comma to start the new sentence.^^


    Awwww, you don't look fat to me, but I understand your frustration. I need to lose a few pounds, but it's so hard! I'm hoping once spring comes I can start walking to school. I think getting excercise and being healthy is best. ^^

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