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Is she your girlfriend?

Yesterday night, I was sitting with my family and as usual my laptop was in my hands. It was a different day from others as I was not smiling and laughing while using laptop but was quite serious as I was busy making corrections to posts on “italki”. My mom came up to me and handed me over cup of tea and left.

Later she came up to me and there started our interesting discussion.

Mom: So, are you hiding something from us?
Bud: huh?
Mom: come on, tell us?
Bud: I don’t know what you are talking about!
Mom: I think you better let us know and don’t try to hide it.
Bud: Mom seriously, give me a hint!
Mom: I know you Ahmed (Bud).
Bud: Of course, I am your son. You know me better than anyone but what’s the deal?
Mom: Why didn’t you let us know about your girlfriend?
Bud: Girlfriend: O , ok enough joking, I am not in mood and I don’t have any girlfriend.
Mom: Hmmm, you can’t hide it from me. I saw her with my eyes.
Bud: aah mom.
Mom: Ok, tell me about her.
Bud: Mom, where you saw her.
Mom: At your laptop wallpaper? Is she your girlfriend?
Bud: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Are you serious? No no, you got to be kidding with me.

Rest is history.

NOTE: A view of my desktop wallpaper for you guys.




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