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Friday is a long workday.





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    Friday is a long workday.





    I know you want to say "They often work very hard for my business."  You can translate "for someone or something" as "为(了)..."  So the better one should be "他们经常我的生意非常辛苦。" This is a very literal transaltion but sounds fine.  You will have other ways to express the same meaning like "为了我的生意,他们常常很辛苦。" 

    "为了..., someone does something"  is a frequently used expression. 


    Google translate is helpful but not perfect. Some things can't be translated from one language to another cos different languages have different expressions and different way to organize things. 


    Don't translate "what" as "什么" unless it's a real question.  To say something like "We love what we do. "  You can rephrase it in Chinese this way "We love the things we do."   “我们热爱我们做的事。”


    It's a good journal overall. Well done. 

    Friday is a long workday.






    There are 2 versions. The first one I didn't want to change a lot. But the second one, I've changed a little bit of the arrangement of content,hope it can help!

    My friend is selling computer hard drives and CF cards online too!:D



    Friday is a long workday.



    但我们喜欢我们做什么。but we like what we do.

    但我们喜欢 我们做的事情

    turning object clause into chinese, a noun should be used。here is 事情


    我们的工作从日出到日落 our work is from sunrise to sunset

    this expression is strange to Chinese, althought they can understand it.

    native expressions:我们从日出工作到日落。we work from sunrise to sunset


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