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that's me in a short introduction

hello everyone, i am learning english ,because i want to study in england and who knows maybe work in ,i want to make a lot of friends in each part of the world especially england whom i love a lot,
my native languague is french and arabic ,and i grew up in algeria.
i really enjoy listening to music , practising yoga, playing violon and flute , and i like so much practising all sports and i like my life so much.




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    That's me in a short introduction*

    Hello everyone. I am learning English because i want to study in England and, who knows, maybe work in there. I want to make a lot of friends in each part of the world, especially England, which i love a lot. 

    My native languages are French and Arabic and i grew up in Algeria.
    I really enjoy listening to music, practising yoga, playing violin and flute and I love so much practising all many different sports. and I love my life so much.


    *En anglais, on peut dire : "That's me in a nutshell". C'est une idome (familère) qui signifie la même chose que «c'est moi en un mot». 

    Bonne chance!

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