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Feb 24, 2013

Today is Sunday. Zurich still snows. It is seldom sunshine in February. I always want to go out with my husband and Lele, my little girl. But always get disappointed due to the bad weather. It seems I can only wait till March or April when the weather is good enough then traveling outside.
I got up at 5am this morning as Lele was rolling in the bed and crying. After that, I can not fall asleep again. But getting up earlier is not so bad, as i can do some reading, writing without people’s disrupting. I just hope not wake up so earlier some day in the future-what a heavy responsibility a mother takes with a baby. Now I understand a lot of things about my mum, things I can not understand before.




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    Feb 24, 2013

    Today is Sunday and it is still snowing in Zurich. There is seldom sunshine in February. I always want to go out with my husband and daughter, but I am always disappointed because the bad weather keeps us in the house. It appears I must wait for March or April to be able to travel.


    I was awakened at 5:00 am by my daughter, Lele, who was crying and rolling around in the bed. Once I was able to settle her down, I couldn't go back to sleep. However, I found getting up that early wasn't so bad. I realize I am able to read and write without disruption. I just don't want to make this a daily habit. Being a mother is a heavy responsibility. Children require a lot of work and attention, so I need to be well rested. There are many things about my mother and what she went through that I understand now that I am a mother.

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