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the letter of reference.needs to be corrected

20 February 2013
Dear Sir or Madam,
I know Halimov Shamil since his admission to the Bachelor program “Oil and Gas Engineering”, and taught him the subject “Building constructions in oil and gas facilities”. As his teacher and dean of the faculty, I can provide information about his performance and expertise.
From the first year Shamil proved to be conscientious and hardworking student. Hard working, both at home and in the classroom, passed on most of the subjects excellent curriculum. His extracurricular activities include membership in the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers), where he participated in conferences “International Youth Oil & Gas Forum” in ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN. Taking an active part in the scientific circle, Shamil has published articles and presented his findings on the use of software packages used in the calculation of pipeline construction, the use of umbilical for offshore fields, as well as tanks electrical heating. Frequent appearances on various conferences and seminars allow him to feel confident in front of a large audience. Shamil pay attention to the study of the English language, practicing it at conferences, as well as when dealing with foreign students and teachers
He can be characterized as an objective of the future engineer, proceeding to develop. Come out of it not just a performer, implementing the final stages of the plans and ideas of others, as a kind of co-scientist, creator and designer of not only things, but also of scientific ideas, methods for their implementation. This I had to see on my lectures when he displayed unusual methods of finding the dangerous section of pitched beams.
Also of note is his work experience gained in the Internship in the summer of 2012. He worked as a technician in the industrial engineering department in the company of MRTS, which is developing offshore fields, as well as the laying of submarine pipelines. Due to its perseverance and wit, Shamil visited two different parts - for underwater pipeline construction across the Pur river and on the development of Kirinsky gas condensate field in the Sea of Okhotsk on the barge FORTUNA-HONG KONG. English language skills helped him gain a huge production team work experience in an international project.
Among the students of the group Khalimov Shamil has deserved authority and was elected warden of the group. Thanks to his kindness and tact, he maintained relationships with other university students. Avoids confl




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