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Why am I now

I have two children. My daughter is ten. My son is two. I like handmade (knitting,crochet and sew for children and myself). my first formation is a programmer but it is very older and now no actuality. my second formation is an economicer, I like to work an economicer.

Сейчас мои знания как программиста устарели потому, что я училась больше 10 лет назад.
Now my knowledges as a programmer are older,because I have studied more ten years ago.

Сейчас я нахожусь в отпуске «по уходу за ребенком». Моя обязанность воспитание сына до трех лет, потом он пойдёт в детский садик, а я смогу продолжить работу экономиста.
Now I am have on vacation "for care of the child".My service is upbringing my son to his three-years,after he will go to kindergarten, and I can prolong to work as an economist.



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    Why am I now ( this doesn't make sense) - About myself. 

    I have two children. My daughter is ten. My son is two. I like making handicrafts (or hand crafts) such as; knitting,crochet and sewing for my children and myself. My first profession was a programmer, but now my profession is (in economics  - or as an economiser(?)). I like to work an economiser.

    молодец :)

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